Can you help

We are now very much organising the Corstorphine Fair 2014 , which will be held on Saturday 7th June.

But we need your help !!

Why not get involved in the Fair and help make it a great event.

So, how can you get involved? Well read on.

1. You could come along and join our team. No experience is necessary. We normally meet once a month, and usually more just prior to the Fair. We are an extremely friendly and sociable group and you would be really welcome to join us.

You can also help out in the parts of the Fair that would interest you the most, ie, the School, Entertainments, Park layout, Stewarding arrangements, Fundraising, etc.

2. Have you thought about running and organising one of the events for Fair Day. Examples are:

The Fashion Show; Childrens Whacky Races event; The Exhibition of Teddies in the Teddy-bears Picnic or similar event; Antiques Valuation event; Main arena events.

If you have any other suggestions then why not let us know.

3. In addition, we are always on the lookout for people who could help out in the following fields :

Setting up on the day and evening before the Fair (ie, Fri 6th June 2014)
Stewarding on Fair Day *
Those with experience in Fundraising
Those with experience in Publicity

If you also have a skill you could bring to the Fair, please let us know.

* The Fair needs the invaluable support of people who can help steward on the day, for a couple of hours. We will be happy to match you to something that you feel would be suitable for you , and particular tasks include:

Helping with table allocation; Selling programmes; Crowd control.
If you are a First-Aider we would particularly like to hear from you.

Finally, there are a few events in the week prior to the Fair and we would always be interested to hear from organisations who would like to run one.

For any of the above, please let us know.