About the Fair

  • A Community Fair – held bi-annually on the first Saturday in June.
  • First held in 1986 and every second year thereafter.
  • Recognised by The City of Edinburgh Council as the biggest community run event in Edinburgh
  • Located in St Margaret’s Park, Corstorphine Primary School and High Street of Corstorphine.
  • Attracts an estimated 20,000 people during the Fair Saturday.
  • Over one hundred local and national community and charity groups take part to raise the profile of their work and also much needed funds.
  • Estimated that these ‘participating groups’ who have a stall at the Fair, have raised around £250,000 in funding over the lifetime of the Corstorphine Fair.
  • The Fair Committee receives a percentage of the takings provided from each of the participating groups; some of this is donated to local charities the remainder helps pay for the infrastructure of the fair. 137 separate charities/causes have received a donation from the Fair; the donations vary from £100’s to over £2,000; since its’ inception the Fair has donated nearly £60,000 to locals good causes in this way.
  • The Fair Committee is made up of volunteers.
  • All the required funding is raised through sponsorship, donations and fund raising activities.
  • The Fair Committee provide the infrastructure (staging, marquee, electricity, sound, insurances, etc) as well as the stewarding, official programme and the entertainment that attracts the crowds on Fair Saturday; the cost of each Fair is in excess of £24,000; increases are experienced for each Fair e.g. public liability insurance £1,300 (2004) up to £2,400 (2010)
  • Community and Charity groups taking part supply 100 stewards to help the Fair run smoothly on the day.
  • The Fair attracts good media interest in local papers and on local radio stations.
  • The fair committee has the right to exclude any groups which it does not feel fit the ethos of the fair.


Previous Fairs have proved very successful largely due to groups such as your own supporting us on the day and we very much hope that this trend will continue on to all future fairs.